Doulton W9331032, HCP Countertop System with UltraCarb Ceramic Candle

$130.00 - $139.00

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W9331032$130.00 - $139.00
$130.00 - $139.00
  • Removes Chlorine, Taste & Odor
  • Includes Doulton Ultracarb Candle
  • Removes Bacteria, Cryptospordium & Giardia
  • Removes Lead

Uses for Water Filtration

This Doulton HCP Countertop Filter System comes complete with a Doulton Ultracarb Ceramic Filter Candle and features a durable plastic housing with the attractive Doulton Logo. The entire system is NSF Certified.

It connects to the faucet easily and includes all parts needed.

Doulton Ceramic Filter Elements have been trusted by relief organizations around the globe for over 150 years. These filters were developed in the 1850’s to remove disease causing bacteria from London’s Thames River.

Removes BacteriaRemoves CryptosporidiumRemoves GiardiaRemoves LeadRemoves Chlorine

The Doulton UltraCarb element is designed to remove suspended solids, pathogenic bacteria, chemical contaminants and lead. 1 Micron Absolute Carbon Filtration with lead removal capability is beneath the ceramic outer shell. This removes chlorine, improves taste, odor and reduces trace contaminants. These filter elements have been tested in accordance with NSF protocols for cyst, turbidity, particulates, and chlorine reduction (Class 1).

Maximum working pressure 125 psi (8.6 bars)
Maximum working temperature 100 °F (37.8 °C)
Minimum working temperature 40 °F (4.4 °C)
Recommended cleaning frequency every 6 months or when flow rate is noticeably lower
Recommended change frequency every 12 months
Contaminant Removal The great majority of pathogenic (disease causing) bacteria and cysts are larger than one µ. The pore size of the ceramic filter element is controlled so that it will remove all suspended matter larger than 0.9 µ.
Pathogenic Bacteria Chorela, Typhoid, Salmonella, Serratia, E. Coli, Fecal Coliform: >99.99% removal
Cysts Cryptosporidium parvum and Giardia lamblia: 100% removal (based on tests by Arizona State University)
Sediment Down to 0.9 µ, 100%; 0.5-0.8 µ with a filter efficiency of >99.99% (based on tests by Spectrum Laboratories, Minneapolis, MN)
Uses for Water Filtration

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Material Composition

Country of Origin

Dimensions: 12" (H) × 3.5" (D)
30.4 cm × 8.9 cm
Maximum Working Pressure: 125 psig
8.6 bar
Working Temperature: 40 - 100 &degF
4 - 38 °C
Recommended Flow Rate: 0.5 GPM
1.9 L/min
Recommended Cleaning Frequency: Every 3 months or when water flow rate is noticeably lower Recommended Change Frequency: 12 months or 1,000 gallons, whichever is sooner
4,542 liters

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