Media KDF

Today’s precious metal
for water treatment
is patented KDF media

KDF 55 Media is unparalleled in Chlorine removal and heavy metal reduction. Listed as a microbial device by the EPA for its outstanding bacteria control, KDF is bacteriostatic.

KDF 55 Media is used in chlorine removal applications in conjunction with granular activated carbon. KDF 55 strips the chlorine from the water before the water contacts the carbon. The carbon, not being burdened with the job of chlorine removal is then free to perform higher level carbon filtration. Such as removal of chemical contaminants including Volatile Organic Chemical (VOC’s) and Trihalomethanes (THM’s).

Using KDF 55 in conjunction with granular activated carbon extends the life of the media bed significantly over using carbon alone. That means longer service runs before replacement of the media is required.

KDF 85 Media is used for removal of iron and sulfur from well water. It regenerates with a thorough backwash of water. No chemicals required!

KDF is a patented filtration media, and is an NSF, WQA, and ISO9001 certified material. Manufactured to exacting standards of quality, KDF is used the world over in municipal water treatment applications as well as residential whole house, under sink, and shower water filters.

Used in these Systems:
Under Sink Systems  Shower Filters