H2O 2.5 Cu. Ft. Water Softener with Fleck 5600SXT Digital Meter Control

$1,629.00 - $1,749.00

Qty Price Ea.
2 $1,709.00
4 $1,669.00
6 + $1,629.00
Price Per Unit
56SXM-2.5-SR8$1,629.00 - $1,749.00
$1,629.00 - $1,749.00
  • Fleck 5600 Digital Metered Control
  • Meter Makes Softener More Efficient
  • Uses Less Salt Than Timer Models
  • Removes Hard Minerals: Calcium, Magnesium & Lime
  • Removes Iron

Uses for Water Filtration

H2O 2.5 Cu. Ft. Tank Water Softener with Fleck 5600SXT Digital Meter Control Benefits

  • Removes Calcium, Magnesium, Lime and Iron
  • Prevents Scale Build Up in Hot Water Pipes (shown above) and on Heating Elements
  • Optimizes Soap Use / Reduces Costs (learn more…)
    With softened water, less laundry bleach is needed, and chemical softeners are not required. Soaps can be used instead of detergents, which have built-in chemical cleaners. Many of these are formulated either with phosphates or chemicals to buffer water hardness. Experience shows that total supply costs can be reduced as much as 50 percent. Your savings will depend on your present usage level of chemicals, which is directly related to the quality of your water.
  • Almost Doubles Fabric Life (learn more…)
    If yours is an in-house laundry, you’re concerned with linen replacement costs. Two things cause fabrics to wear out – mechanical action of washing and chemical action. By using soft water and eliminating one rinse cycle, you reduce mechanical action. By cutting back on bleaches, detergents, and other chemicals (most of which you don’t need with soft water), you reduce chemical action. You can expect linen replacement costs to be reduced up to 40 percent; once again depending on the amount of chemicals you’re now using, and the quality of your water.
  • Significantly Reduces Maintenance Costs (learn more…)
    Every water-using appliance can suffer hard water damage. Hard water scale clogs pipes and nozzles, damages valves and pumps, impairs machine efficiency. When hard water puts a wash wheel down for repairs, that means lost production as well as repairs. Machine life can also be materially shortened, which means more frequent replacement of costly capital equipment.
  • Improves Energy Efficiency of Water Heater (learn more…)
    If you eliminate one hot rinse cycle, you reduce the energy necessary to heat that water. Using the 150 gallons example above, and applying a heating cost of 0.28¢ per gallon, it costs 42¢ to heat the rinse water. By eliminating the rinse cycle, you thus save $3.36 per day (42¢ × 8 cycles), or $16.80 per week, or $873.60 per year. That’s based on current energy prices, and on one wheel only. When hard water scale builds up in your water heater, you must heat the scale before you can heat the water. That’s an increase you don’t need — and can eliminate with soft water.


  Don’t be Fooled by “Salt Free Water Softeners”

Some systems claim to solve hard water problems, but in truth, they only sequester the hardness components that cause scale. You’re left with all the hardness you started with! These systems, often promoted as “Salt Free Water Softeners” do not provide all the benefits of water softening. Only Ion Exchange Water Softening Resin can remove all hardness components and provide your family with truly softened water.

H2O Tank Water Softeners are made with Fleck Controls, Structural Polyglass Tanks, and softening resin from ResinTech that can stand up to chlorinated water. These are trusted US brands that have stood the test of time in the marketplace for over 35 years.

The large capacity brine tank water softener can hold over 120 lbs of salt. Our softeners can also be regenerated with potassium chloride as a salt alternative.

  All water softeners include: Stainless Steel Bypass, Safety Brine Valve, Top Distributor Upper Basket & Gravel Under-bedding
Water Softener Assembly DiagramView our new Water Softener system assembly instructions included with this system.

Valve Installation

Additional information

Weight 160 lbs
Grain Amount/Size

Amount of Media

2.5 cu. ft.

Material Composition

Media Bed Life

10 Years (Most Residential Applications)

Media Type

Tank Size

Country of Origin

Gallons Per Minute

20-28 GPM

Controller Type:Fleck 5600SXT TimerResin Replacement:10-15 YearsH2O-56SXM-R-80 Specifications
Resin Tank Type: Structural PolyGlass Softening Capacity: 80,000 Grains
Resin Tank Size: 13" × 54" Service / Peak Flow: 20 / 28 GPM
Brine Tank Size 14" × 14" × 35" Resin Cross Link: 8%
Shipping Weight: 160 lbs. Amount of Resin: 2.5 Cubic Foot
Structural Pressure Vessels Fleck Valves     Resintech Media

Digital Valve Softener Comparison

Model #ControllerService FlowPeak FlowTank SizeSoftening CapacityShipping Weight
H2O-56SXT-R-32 5600SXT Timer 8 GPM 12 GPM 9" × 48" 32,000 grain 75 lbs.
H2O-56SXM-R-32 5600SXT Meter
H2O-56SXT-R-48 5600SXT Timer 12 GPM 20 GPM 10" × 54" 48,000 grain 100 lbs.
H2O-56SXM-R-48 5600SXT Meter
H2O-56SXT-R-64 5600SXT Timer 16 GPM 24 GPM 12" × 52" 64,000 grain 125 lbs.
H2O-56SXM-R-64 5600SXT Meter
H2O-56SXT-R-80 5600SXT Timer 20 GPM 28 GPM 13" × 54" 80,000 grain 160 lbs.
H2O-56SXM-R-80 5600SXT Meter

Water Softener with Meter Control Installation (2.5 cu. ft.)